Research and Engineering

Innovating and producing new products, processes and services.

Your assignment

Our mission in Engineering, Process Engineering and Optimization is to provide ExxonMobil with a competitive advantage by providing leadership in the application of world-class technology, practices and management systems. We support ExxonMobil’s downstream manufacturing facilities with advances in safety, environmental performance, energy efficiency, reliability, product quality and profitability.

Our mission in Research and Development is to innovate and produce new products, processes and services that are of value to ExxonMobil businesses. We work collaboratively with ExxonMobil business lines to consult on improvements and to solve operating problems.

Our mission in Products Technology is to formulate fuels and lubricants that meet industry and customer needs while giving ExxonMobil a competitive edge. We enable the manufacture and marketing of new and existing products while using our expertise in combustion and lubrication science to guide cross-business teams involving Operations, Marketing and Product Deployment. We also serve as technical consultants for our customers and contribute to the development of industry standards.

Our mission in Projects is to develop, implement and construct capital facilities that achieve ExxonMobil’s safety and business objectives at lower costs than competitors. We continuously improve our capital project planning, design and execution services, and effectively leverage resources from the project marketplace.

Your responsibility 

Your duties and growth opportunities in Research and Engineering will vary depending on your background and interests. Examples of the work you could do in Engineering, Process Engineering, Optimization, Projects, Research and Development, and Products Technology are: 

  • Implement advanced process control schemes 
  • Optimize the raw material selection and subsequent processing in refineries
  • Conduct research on novel heat transfer equipment
  • Consult with vendors of fired heaters, gas compressors, corrosion monitors, catalysts and computing tools
  • Startup new plant facilities — we have plants throughout the world
  • Design new processing facilities and document operating principles and practices
  • Develop cost estimates, construction schedules, execution plans and startup needs for new facilities
  • Engineer and implement reliable, cost-effective solutions that enhance safety and environmental performance
  • Train operators and engineers using high-fidelity dynamic simulations of refining and chemical processes
  • Improve refining processes — distillation, hydroprocessing, cat cracking, lubes, heavy oil and more
  • Recruit, train and develop personnel 
  • Design experiments on rigs, engines and vehicles at our laboratories
  • Pursue intellectual property for product formulations, longer-range fundamental science capabilities, advanced analytical characterization and process research and modeling
  • Support motorsports in the severe test environment needed to make game-changing product innovations
  • Imagine next-generation fluids for energy efficiency and fuel economy improvement, with potential for emissions reduction, extended drains, enhanced productivity and waste reduction
Your development 

The work environment is highly professional. Employees have earned engineering and science degrees from the United States and many international universities. Working well with a diverse team is valued and an important element for all your assignments. The ability to influence others based on technical data is a highly valued skill and proficiency with current engineering computing tools is required. Other competencies will be acquired via a company-wide technical training program and through work experiences. Technical and career mentoring will aid you as you grow in your career and you may find yourself working with other professionals in industry committees, professional societies and universities. You will be engaged with the high-quality manufacturing work teams at our plant sites. Career development is emphasized as a mutual effort between you and your supervisor. Career plans are developed for all employees and updated annually. The goals of these plans are gaining competencies to do your current job while stretching to be ready for the next step in your career, perhaps within ExxonMobil.

You will have the opportunity to achieve your professional goals in both technical and managerial areas through a multitude of job assignments, mentoring and world-class training over the course of your career.

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