Developing and implementing financial policies for worldwide operations.

Your assignment

Treasurer’s is the corporate finance group within ExxonMobil and has a broad mandate to develop and implement financial policies for worldwide operations, including external financing, cash management, project economic reviews, investment of benefit plan assets, affiliate capital structure, foreign exchange, customer credit, risk management and insurance, acquisitions and divestments. 

Your background

We are interested in M.B.A and undergraduate candidates.  Starting positions for new hires are commensurate with their level of experience, and subsequent assignments for M.B.As and undergraduates are structured to optimize the development of all staff. 

Most of our M.B.A hires concentrated in finance while at business school and had several years of prior work experience. A wide range of undergraduate concentrations provide relevant experience when paired with an M.B.A. Common undergraduate majors include economics, engineering, finance, accounting and international relations.

Your responsibilities

Your early assignments in the ExxonMobil finance functions will be your starting point on the path to success. You’ll become familiar with the company’s approach to finance and develop the expertise needed for more senior financial management responsibilities, wherever in the world they may be.  You’ll work at corporate headquarters in Dallas and in at least one of the Treasurer’s business line groups in Houston.

At corporate headquarters, you’ll work with senior management and with Treasurer’s colleagues around the world to evaluate dividends and capital structure options for wholly owned subsidiaries. You may help develop and communicate ExxonMobil’s financial policies, analyze the Corporation’s financial performance and develop long-term financing plans.  Or you could work in the benefits, finance and investment group, determining the optimal asset allocation and investment strategy for our numerous pension funds worldwide.

In business line assignments, you could develop strategy for and execute an acquisition or divestment anywhere in the world. Perhaps you’ll work with joint venture partners to develop and implement financing for a new multibillion-dollar project or review the economics of large infrastructure projects. You could also analyze alternative ownership structures for new business proposals and, working with Controller’s and Tax, develop recommendations for senior management.

Your development

At ExxonMobil, senior management invests significant time in individual career development. We have one of the world’s most talented groups of finance professionals, and we balance their strengths and career preferences with the company’s business needs to provide unparalleled opportunities for growth and development.

You can expect to rotate through at least three assignments in the first five years, allowing for a variety of experiences to build skills and knowledge.  Most Treasurer’s roles have an international orientation, whether based in Texas or overseas.  Demonstrated performance will lead to increasing responsibilities as well as management opportunities across the financial organizations via job rotation.  We want people with exceptional talent and incredible drive, and look to keep them challenged throughout their careers.

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